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23 June 2007 @ 01:32 am
So You Want to Be a Mod?  

This is the moderator application for g_g_stillness. Being a moderator at this community takes patience, time, and a bit of skill. It depends on the quality and quantity of the applications, but for starters, we're looking for two new moderators for the community.

If you're up for the challenge (no pun intended), then keep reading!

Gilmore Girls Stillness Challenge:
In this challenge, members are given episode screencaps to work with. Only those screencaps may be used.

Duties that a moderator might have:

- Posting challenge reminders on Wednesdays or Thursdays
- Putting up the entries for voting on Friday nights
- Tallying the votes and posting winners on Sunday nights
- Searching for episode screencaps for the challenges.
- Posting new challenges on Sunday.




LJ Username (the one you will be using to post):

Why would you like to be a mod at lj comm="g_g_stillness">?:

Do you participate in the Challenge? If you do, for roughly how long have you been doing so?:

Have you had previous moderating positions at other LJ communities? If so, where?:

What are you involved with on a daily basis? (Do you attend school? (Middle/High/College/etc.) Have children? Have a full-time job? (Specifics are not necessary)):

Do you know how to code basic HTML and make LJ-cuts?:


SUPPLEMENT (You must complete this part. In terms of "response," we mean how you would respond in a comment or what actions/steps would you take in the given situation.)

What would be your response to the follow situations:

1) Someone submits an icon that is clearly breaking the rules.

2) Someone points out that you made a mistake in coding.

3) Something unexpected comes along and you just can't get the voting/results/challenge up.

4) Another moderator says that they'll put up the winners Sunday night, but come 11:00 you notice that they haven't.


Please answer all of the following questions in your application as well.


Unless otherwise specified, do you understand that if you do not perform your expected duties, nemova has the right to remove your moderator status?:


If you don't get chosen this time, would you like us to keep your application so that we can contact you if any openings arise in the future?:

Anything else you would like to share with us? :)


We know that this is a pretty intense application, but this is a pretty intense job, even if it may not appear so. We hope you take your moderator status seriously should you be chosen. As much as we would love to reward you materialistically, we cannot, but what we can offer you is a great group of friends and a fantastic support system. Know that if during your time as a moderator, you have any concerns or questions, we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.

Submit the application to this post by copying/pasting. All applications will be screened. Decisions will be made in the coming week . We're cheering for all of you!